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The Right Coach Experience

When clients genuinely love a business, they become the strongest advocates to provide the ultimate support
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Business Owner, Singapore 

A good friend introduced me to Hana. I was stuck in the mud for a while going round in circles and not being able to come out of it. I realised that I was my biggest obstacle and that I had painted myself into a corner thinking I knew it all. Another takeaway is that I have deep buried insecurities but I put on a tough shell of armor because I cannot take certain realities and dwell into a spiral of denial. Hana has helped by creating a safe space for me to understand my depth of darkness, by acknowledging them because they are part of me. She has taught me to navigate beyond my present emotions into a state of self care, appreciation and growth, to understand the struggles I have are rooted in the past. Conditioning those that no longer served me, she has taught me to appreciate the lessons in life that come across as disappointment during periods of downtime. I recommend Hana as a coach because I don't know what I don't know. 

Through coaching with Hana, I was able to spend my time more intentionally with my family and building my professional network. I would highly recommend Hana as a coach. She has a gentle manner and is very supportive, insightful and caring. It was such a pleasure to work with her!
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I knew Hana when she was a guest in my hotel. Later, I found out about The Right Coach on IG. I knew who to go to because I knew her personality. I decided to work with her because I was struggling after the loss of my father. I was losing myself. My health and work was affected.

After numerous doctor’s appointments in different hospitals, I was done and wanted to get back on track. Hana helped me find myself again by setting clear goals and boundaries. She was very observant to the little things that I could not see. We planned what she called a personalised roadmap and it was extremely helpful. I was clear of what to do next and it changed my life. She was with me every step of the way. I applied the strategies we discovered. I went back to work very quickly. I became a better leader and received a promotion.  
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Sami Alharbi

Senior Supervisor, Saudi Arabia 

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Business Owner, Singapore

Hana has an abundance of experience and a good listener. When I first started coaching with Hana, I was unmotivated, lost and disconnected with myself. My business was affected greatly. My biggest breakthrough was that I gained clarity on my strengths that I never knew I could do.

I began to feel whole and confident again.
She understood my challenges and what I was going through. Hana was sensitive and patient throughout. We crafted a roadmap and did the core work until my business is up and running again. Knowing what she had gone through in her life, Hana is an inspiration. I am so thankful to Hana. I absolutely recommend Hana as coach. Her support is above and beyond and proves that she is genuine and sincere.
I came across Hana while searching for ways to become more productive.Before working with Hana, I was really struggling to get things done and felt a great sense of unease about how I was spending my time. I felt completely unproductive and like I was jumping from thing to thing without achieving anything.
After working with Hana, I learned to re-evaluate what was important to me and started creating a schedule that maximised my efficiency.
I started becoming more intentional with my time management and learned how to prioritise what was important to me. Hana helped me discover techniques such as bullet journalling which helped me become more productive. Through coaching with Hana, I was able to spend my time more intentionally with my family and building my professional network. I would highly recommend Hana as a coach. She has a gentle manner and is very supportive, insightful and caring. It was such a pleasure to work with her!
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Healthcare, Australia

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Dina Kasim

Government Officer,  Brunei

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Before I start coaching, I got so lost and tried to approach from local coach, but there is no respond. My life and my job making me fatigue. I was frustrated and exhausted. Hana has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using some steps  and self-awareness, and she helped me to avoid things that I did in the past  that makes me paralysis in achieving my dreams. Hana has helped me to believe in myself and competences. She identifies my  strength and values that I thought I never have. She gives me some guidance to face whatever challenges that I have in the future. 
I highly recommend people to have a coach with Hana. Hana is able to deliver  a balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and  ideas. She identifies the root of a situation and provide helpful insights, ideas and questions to deliberate. Thank you for inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing session.
Hana was my course mate during my coaching training. I felt that I was acting independently and making decisions mostly on my own before I did coaching. Life was fine, although I realised that better decisions can be made if I talked it over with someone. I needed this support recently as I was in a toxic work environment and was thinking of resigning without a job. Hana provided the neutral support to help me think through the various issues involved and make a decision.
Hana has helped me identify my values and what I need at my present stage of life. This has helped ground my decisions through my personal values, and proceed with some difficult decisions. I feel more confident in my personal and professional relationships as coaching allowed me to think through and be more aware of my decisions and behaviours. It provides a neutral space for me to reflect and perhaps change my approach to these relationships. I would recommend Hana as a coach and her coaching services. Whilst she provided a neutral space that allowed me to think through my decisions, she has also been supportive in my decisions moving forward and checking back to see if things are okay.
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 Justin Ang

Data Scientist, Singapore

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Katherine Choo

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I had the privilege of working with Coach Farhana Mohamed.
I had to choose whether to keep the friendship relationship while I was at a crossroads. Coach Farhana's presence and attention created a secure setting where I could explore alternative viewpoints to resolve my friendship relationship issue. With her
assistance, I gained clarity, determined my priorities, and considered many viewpoints.

Coach Farhana's persistent follow-up helped to hold me responsible and motivated. I wholeheartedly endorse Farhana as your coach.
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