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I’m Farhana Mohamed


A highly experienced coach, certified educator and educational consultant as well as an award winning entrepreneur with a long track record of producing outstanding results. I coach clients individually from all over the planet and work with business teams globally.

I coach in line with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaching Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. As a life and business coach, I serve clients who are looking for clarity, have the hunger for success, courage to explore the uncomfortable zones of progress and are willing to transform their lives for their greater purpose.

My five top strengths in helping you revolve around 

"Dynamics of ideation, learner, achiever, relator and strategic thinking"

"Hana has helped me identify my values and what I need at my present stage of life."

- Justin Ang, Data scientist, Singapore

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"Take the leap to overcome any challenges fearlessly "

You are never going empty handed after knowing about me. Make sure that you get the most value out of this free guide on discovering your passion and converting it into your goal.

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