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Staying Motivated Even When Your Business Feels Tough

Let's talk about keeping your spirits up when running your business gets bumpy. As a coach, I've been there too many times. So, I want to share some down-to-earth tips to help you stay motivated.

The Real Deal: Motivation is Like a Light Bulb

First off, motivation isn't like a superhero power that's always there. It's more like a light bulb—it flickers sometimes. Knowing this helps you stay cool when things get tough.

Remember what Maya Angelou said, "What you become by achieving your goals is more important than the goals themselves." It's about growing along the way.

When Motivation Takes a Dip

Imagine you start your business strong but then things slow down. Clients disappear, things don't as planned or a project falls through. It can be frustrating, right? It happens.

Or there are days when your to-do list feels like climbing Mount Everest and you can't find the energy to start. We all have those days!

Tips to Keep Going:

  1. High-Five for Small Wins: Break your big goals into smaller ones. Celebrate each little victory. Progress counts more than being perfect.

  2. Remember Your Why: Think about why you started your business. What gets you excited? What sets your heart on fire? What difference do you want to make? Hold onto that.

  3. Find Inspiration Every Day: Surround yourself with things and people that motivates you—like quotes, podcasts, books or networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. Else, check out "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. It's awesome!

  4. Fail Forward: When things go wrong, see them as lessons. Learn from them and use them to grow stronger. What could you have done better the next time? How can you change your strategy?

  5. Take Care of You: Your health matters. Take breaks, move around, eat well, breathe deeply, take a walk in the garden.

Keep the Fire Burning

So, when motivation fades and doubts creep in, remember you're not alone. Stay strong, stay hungry and keep that spark of passion alive! As Vince Lombardi said, "Success comes after work, not before." Roll up your sleeves, enjoy the journey and let's make things happen!

Your Turn: What Keeps You Going?

I'd love to hear what motivates you! Share your favorite quote or tip here.

And if you want more help to tackle the ups and downs of your business, reach out. Let's work together to make your dreams real!

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