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Do What You Love & Turn It into $$$

Take Action to Transform your Burning Desire into Reality
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Are you looking to do what you love and make money from it?

Have you always wanted to run a business with personal satisfaction?

Do you want to be your own boss and have the freedom to make your own decisions?

If you have the burning drive to enjoy liberty, the courage for change and motivation to make a difference in your life,
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I give you,
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The possibilities of turning your passion into profit
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The thinking process to create your product or services
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The roadmap to finding your ways to make money out of it
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The strategy to run business with personal satisfaction

Do what you Love & Turn it into $$$

Take Action to Transform your Burning Desire into Reality


8:00 PM SGT / 8.00 AM EST / 12.00 PM UK

Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to turn your passion into business?

The First step towards Creating your own business out of passion can be hard

How do we make that initial step?

Discovering what you love can be the first step to create the foundation of your business that gives faster results because when you love what you do,

you become unstoppable!

Not just any business idea can work but the ones which are combined with your greatest skills has the potential to evolve into something more powerful than you can ever imagine

What if you can Discover your Passion and craft a practical business idea based on it? Wouldn’t that be life changing?

What do the people feel about the workshop?
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Enjoyed the workshop with Hana , ift took me into a deep dive of my reflective thought process ! Thanks Hana !--- Balan, Singapore
İ can feel the sincerity from the speaker to help entrepreneurs grow in their business. She is clear in her message and helpful even after the workshop. İ feel comfortable in my sessions with her --- Gokce, Turkey
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Let's fulfil your burning desire of being your own boss

with a passion based business 


8:00 PM SGT / 8.00 AM EST / 12.00 PM UK

Our training doesn’t stop with just the workshop,
here is what you get when you attend:
I found the workshop to be engaging and fun to follow. It's not just about hearing the material the whole time. --- Bunga, Indonesia 
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Picture this, you will be gain the benefit to 


Discover your real passion that is close to your heart

Identify your skills, possibilities, who and where to sell

Craft a practical business idea that works for you

Be motivated and bold enough to launch your business

You are just one step away from doing 
what you love and making money out of it, 
transforming your burning desire into reality 


8:00 PM SGT / 8.00 AM EST / 12.00 PM UK

About The Host
Hey, I’m Hana,
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An entrepreneurial experienced Personal Strategy Coach who coaches
in line with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaching Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. I can partner with you as I understand the difficulties you face in your business journey. I coach clients individually from all over the planet and work with business teams globally.

​With 200 + hours of coaching experience with individuals and business owners, you can shape your own priorities through my guidance. As a life and business coach, I serve clients who are looking for clarity, have the hunger for success, courage to explore the uncomfortable zones of progress and are willing to transform your life for your greater purpose to success and beyond.
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