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Crafting Customised Personal Strategies to solve your business challenges

Helping business owners create personal strategies by removing blocks to scale their business.

The Right Coach
Hana Mohamed

An effective coaching program that provides

strategic personalised solutions.

Our customised approach allows you

to navigate your life and business obstacles so that you can

move forward confidently

in your business and personal ventures.

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Let’s shed some light on your presence !

The Right Coach
Imagine a life where you wake up each day with a business clarity and purpose. A life where your strategies for success are as unique as you are.
It's not a dream; it's what I help my clients achieve.
if you are someone who needs,
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Strategy Issue Resolution - Facing roadblocks in your business or personal life? Together, we'll dissect these challenges and create actionable plans to move you forward.

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Personal Growth and Development - Uncover your true potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

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Habit Formation and Optimisation - Whether it's adopting healthier habits, enhancing productivity or breaking free from negative routines, I'll guide you towards sustainable, positive change.

Then, You have come to the

I understand your situation as I have partnered with many powerful leaders and business owners who actually needed a personal strategy to overcome their pressure, dealing with workforce issues, personal problems etc.

So, what is

For most business owners there is no one size fits all strategy.

We are all unique individuals with different values, mindsets, strengths, challenges, blind spots,

and skill potential.

We all have untapped talents that allow us to reach different milestones along our journey.

Therefore, a personalised strategy and roadmap is crucial for every business owner's success.

What Sets Me Apart to be your

While some coaches focus solely on the tactical, I'm dedicated to understanding the unique intricacies of your life and your business.

After all there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to personal strategy

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Benefited clients of      
The Right Coach
The Right Coach
What do clients say about the
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During a recent coaching session with Hana, I gained valuable insights and experienced a significant revelation. 
I shared a specific situation I'm currently facing, and Hana, who is the personal strategy coach, played a crucial role in guiding me out of uncertainty. With her assistance, I developed actionable plans to bridge the gap between my current position and my desired destination. 
I greatly appreciate her professionalism, sincerity, and the supportive environment she provided for me to openly express myself. Hana's skillful use of powerful questions enabled me to delve deeper into my thoughts, unearthing issues I had either overlooked or dismissed. 
The 40-minute coaching session with Hana was truly fantastic, and I'm immensely thankful to her for agreeing to be my coach.
The Right Coach
The Right Coach
Client Testimonial

Patrick Chang

Corporate Financial Advisor, Singapore

Hey, I’m Hana,
The Right Coach
An entrepreneurial, experienced personal strategy coach who coaches in line with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaching Core Competencies and Code of Ethics, who can partner with you as I understand the difficulties you may face in your business journey.
I coach clients individually from all over the planet and work with business teams globally.

​With 300 + hours of coaching experience with individuals especially business owners, priorities can be choices by you based on my guidance. As a life and business coach, I serve clients who are looking for clarity, have the hunger for success, courage to explore the uncomfortable zones of progress and are willing to transform their lives for their greater purpose.
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The Right Coach
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